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Steamed Egg is one of a very causal dish in Chinese cuisine. It is very easy to make and nutritious. The smooth tasting texture of the steamed eggs with the Maggi soy sauce clearly opens up your appetite. Adding clams as one of the ingredients brings the freshness of seafood taste into the egg. If you are looking for something that is quick and easy, this is a good choice for you.

steamed egg with clams 1 saoked clams with salt water 4 saoked clams with salt water 3


Eggs —- 3

Clams —- 10 pcs

Water —- a little bit

Maggi Soy Sauce — 15g

Cooking Wine —- 5g

Salt —- 3g

Green Onion —- A little bit

Ginger — 4 slices

Cooking Oil — 15g


Clams soak in salt water for around 2 hours to clean the sands out of the clam

soaked clams with salt water 2

2. Put the cleaned clams into the pot, add cooking wine, ginger slices. Boil the clams until their shells open.

cooked the clam

3. Crack the eggs, put them into the bowl, add salt and water ( The amount of water is about the same as the eggs). All beat up and filter the egg mixture.

beat the egg

4. Put the clams after drowning in the dish, pour the egg mixture, and cover with a layer of plastic wrap. Use a toothpick to poke a few holes.

5.Put in the pot and steam for 8 minutes, then pour Maggi soy sauce on the surface of the egg, then pour the hot oil.

steamed egg with clams 2