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A delicious teriyaki chicken bowl requires fresh and soft chicken meat, full of gravy, chicken skin fried to a golden brown, and the sauce is glittering under the light. The sauce is rich enough to mix most of the rice making it overwet. The sauce tastes moderately sweet, and it is not too salty. The side dishes can choose to be vegetables or anything you like.

Teriyaki chicken rice bowl recipe


Chicken leg —-1

Onion —–50g

Ginger —- 10g

Broccoli —– 50g

Carrot —– 20g

Rice —– 2 bowls

Soy sauce —– 30ml

Dark soy sauce  —– 10 ml

Oyster sauce —– 30ml

Cooking wine —– 30ml

Honey —— 15ml

Water —– 50ml

Salt —– 2g


1. Prepare and wash the chicken legs, prepare the onions and gingerprepare chicken leg teriyaki chicken

2. Remove the bones of the chicken legs

remove bones from chicken

3. Prepare a teriyaki sauce: soy sauce, dark soy sauce, oyster sauce, cooking wine, honey, water, then mix well. Pour the sauce into the chicken legs

making teriyaki sauce

4. Add salt

add salt to teriyaki sauce

5. Blend or chop the onions and ginger.

chopped onion and ginger

6. Put the onion and ginger in the chicken leg, grab and marinate for 1 hour.

marinate chicken leg

7. Add cooking oil to the pot and add marinated chicken legs

pan fried chicken leg

8. The water is also added to the pot, both sides are cooked and cut into strips.

boiled veggie

9. Broccoli are chopped to small pieces, sliced ​​carrots, cook with boil water.

boiled veggie 2

10. Add chicken leg, broccoli, carrots to the rice dish

Teriyaki chicken rice bowl recipe